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Mehndi is a tradition which is being practiced from ages and many people follow it. These mehndi designs are applied specially on the hands of the females and they are in different styles and pattern. It depends upon the type of design you want. Girls are crazy about mehandi designs. Here we are collected some best in class Mehndi Design Images for you. If you are the bridal then there are some special and exclusive  mehndi designs for a Dulhan.  The work for the designs need to be done very minutely as even a small carelessness can make the whole mehndi look worst. People spend thousands of rupees for these designs. 

This is considered as one of the auspicious day in the like of the bride and the groom as it is believed that the god showers his blessing on the couple. Applying mehndi is considered as a good portent in the life of the new couple. So ignoring this day during your marriage is just not considered right according to the Indian tradition and beliefs.

As the festive season and wedding season has arrived we all girls are very keen and all set to enjoy every bit of it. Let it be our dress, footwear,makeup, hairstyles we want everything aspect to be perfect and durable so is our mehndi designs. Every Indian girl goes crazy to apply mehndi during such festive moods and weeding seasons. With application of mehndi every Indian ocassion,festive is considered as “SUBH” and it symbolize the bond of love. I personally die heart fan of various mehndi design .


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Indian marriages are considered incomplete without the mehandi day celebration. It has become a trend now a days that the mehndi day has to be exclusive and something extra ordinary. Thus the bridal and the groom spend extra money from their pockets to make this day better and brighter. They want each and every moment of their wedding to be precious. So that mehandi is also given the equal importance as for the other occasions during the marriage.

Simple Arabic Mehndi Design for Hands 

Cool Arabic Mehndi Designs

The other pattern and styles of designs are of Arabic or normal mehndi. The design on the hand can start right from the elbow and end up to the nails. The design is made on the hands and has a very similar look. Many times the bride hides the name of her groom within the mehndi design and asks him to find it. Indian Mehandi Designs Are So Much Popular and The bridal mehndi design consists of beautiful motifs and these motifs include different designs such as dhols, shehnai, kalash and ganeshji.

So in this festive season let me give you some important tips about mehndi Here are few tries and tested tips for lasting mehndi long hours and make it darker :

Prerequisite For MEHNDI  :

  1. Wash your hands and legs thoroughly before application of mehndi.
  2. Make sure you keep all essential stuff near to you while applying such as small rough cloth beneath your hand and legs
  3. Don’t move till completing mehndi design as it may lead to breakage of design and will ultimately lead bad mehndi design.
  4. Do not sit in the area where there is too much sun rays and heat.
  5. Do not undergo pedicure, manicure,bleaching,waxing after application of mehendi as it may fade the colour of your mehendi. Make sure your have your parlour appointment 2 for all this stuff prior two days of application of menhdi.
  6. Once mehndi is applied let it dry naturally or for best results let it stay overnight and wash it in the morning for 8 to 10 hrs.
  7. In a pan take some cloves and warm it, place feets and hands to get the smoky flame of cloves it will make mehndi darker.
  8. The lemon-sugar mixture also helps to make mehndi darker. In a bowl take water and add sugar boil it rather say warm it and then add lemon to it. Apply this magical mixture once your mehndi is dry before removal of will help in better penetration of mehendi into palms and feet’s leaving the colour of heena look darker. I know festive and wedding seasons are on head and your still confused in finalising the designs of mehndi, so here the various trending mehandi designs.

Bridal mendi designs

Bridal designs are filled with lots of leaves ,vines,motifs and are prefered in very cute designs it also contained designs of dulha, dulhan , kalash ,table and shenayee on hands.

This design is made by Namrata Mehndi Designer Mumbai 

Namrata AK Bridal Mehndi Designer from mumbai

Arabic mehndi designs

Simple Mehndi Designs for both hands

Arabic designs are filled with sharp leaves,vines and flowers,petals with sharp outline.the significance of Arabic black thick outline of designs which gives elegant look for any festive occasion.

Indian mehndi designs

Indian designs are filled with minute curves,vines with less spacing It contained designs of peacocks,flowers,petals which gives very ethnic look for festive season. Glitter on mehndi designs glitter designs are filled with glitter/sparkle in middle of designs.the designs are spaced very well in order to prominent the effect of filled glitter/sparkle.This is in trend design preferred by young girls during festive occasion. coloured mehndi designs.

Indo-arabic mehnedi designs

Mehndi Designs for one hand and legs

with the change in the trend the taste for mehndi has even a days youth want contemporary designs so indo-arabic is the best option for it. The combination of complex indian designs,curves with thick outline feature of Arabic nails it to the requirement of todays genere it completely gives elegant look yet taste of being traditional.

Dubai STYLE mehndi designs

Eid mehndi designs for both hands and legs by

no one can forget the great designs in mehandi have come from middle east part of the country. May it be Arabic or dubai. Dubai design are mainly known for single strand patterns.mehndis are applied on wrist to resemble like a ornament rather we can say dubai designs resemble like you have worn ornament on wrist and the design is extended to enlogated towards the middle figure as shown in the picture to give trendy look. I am sure dubai designs will rule the market very soon and are in trend to give you very unique look.

geometric mehndi designs

geometric mehndi designs are filled with various geometrical patterns such as triangle,square,rectangle,circle. Preferred by some people even this designs gives you a royal look.

Muglai mehndi designs

Muglai designs are filled with motifs and florals and have patterned intricate designs in this palm has less design as compared to other mehendi designs.

All these are Latest Mehandi Designs 2016, You can also get more list from Best Mehndi Designs, Also Keep Visiting it back we update new mehndi designs daily. This website becomes India’s first website for providing Popular Mehandi Designs World Wide.

So guys, you can enjoy many types of Mehndi designs from this website. Mehndi Designs For hands are so special and we are created full list of albums here for the best mehndi designs for hands. Also there is much craze for Mehndi Designs For Kids, parents are daily searching for new resorces from where they can get fresh and latest mehndi designs. Now we would like to inform all that guys, stop searching for Latest Mehandi Designs this website will addict you for fresh mehndi designs 2016. If you are enjoying being part of this website then feel free to share this website with your friends and family. And let us give chance to help them for their life’s best Mehndi Designs. 🙂

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